Zen Streching®

Zen-Stretching® is a form of soft gymnastics based on stretching and toning the muscle chains along the path of the energy meridians. Each of us needs to perform different exercises, depending on our current condition. Toning and dispersion are decided based on our sensation as we perform the series of basic exercises: a test to evaluate how we are right here and now and what we need most.

Benefits proven by over 100 people

Zen-stretching pantry


Simple movements to perform and learn

For all ages

The movements are suitable for subjects of various ages


The training adapts to the specific situation of the subject


Over 100 people testify to greater awareness and well-being following the application of Zen Stretchng®

Zen-stretching pantry

A few words about Zen Streching®

The proposed work pattern in Zen-stretching consists of several series of muscle stretching and toning exercises. Each exercise is designed to stimulate in a different way, according to individual needs, the flow of vital energy that runs through the body, every single meridian or every “yin-yang” pair of meridians. The choice of the exercises best suited to the subjective condition of each person is made, with the help of the Facilitator, by educating one's sensitivity towards oneself and one's body and towards the response to the stresses given to him.

The result is an extremely personalized work that refines the ability to self-listen and, ultimately, improves the general psychophysical condition. 

The years of Shiatsu practice with people of all ages and conditions have taught us the great importance and usefulness of knowing how to involve those who undergo our treatments in the path that, starting from any initial discomfort conditions, leads them gradually to appreciate a growing fluidity in movement and to find in the taste of a renewed well-being, the possibility of fully developing one's potential. 

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