Training Courses


The Facilitator Training Program:

The purpose of the training is to equip every Zen-Stretching® Facilitator (FZS) with the ability to teach and competently follow the practice of Zen-Stretching® helping the practitioners (both individually and in groups) not only to learn the exercises, but especially to know how to use them in order to learn more about their energy balance, and from this, to face a gradual and progressive balancing work that allows them to improve their general wellbeing and their effectiveness.

The course consists of several steps, which are carried out in groups and individually.


Basic Seminar or Course:

  • Presentation of the work system
  • Analysis and practice of the exercises related to each Energy Phase
  • Meaning of Kyo and Jitsu: how to find them and rebalance them
  • Study of the meridians compared between the Masunaga’s map and the lines of tension that are formed in their bodies through the exercises.
  • Review and practice with the meridians of Masunaga
  • How to set up a session of Zen-Stretching®


2nd Level Seminar:
(15 hours over two days and a half or five weekly lessons)

  • Review of the experience gained after the Basic level
  • Theoretical and practical study of the concepts of Kyo and Jitsu, how they form and how you can overcome the energy imbalance, also in relation to your personal situation.
  • Detailed examination of the paths of the energy circulation, with experiments on the “feeling” aspect.
  • Design of the training personal pathway by identifying the needed steps.

From Level 2 the Candidate agrees with a tutor who is responsible for monitoring her/his preparation with tips, tutorials (4 mandatory during the training), assistance in the basic courses, supervision in the courses or lessons held by the Candidate, preparation of thesis and final examination and all information useful to accompany her/him to the end of the training Program.


3rd Level Seminar or Course
(18 hours in three days or six weekly lessons)

  • Review of the experience gained after the 2nd Level
  • 6 lessons dedicated to experiences with the energy movements that involve the participants in the perception and identification of the energetic qualities of each
  • Special emphasis is given to ways to teach these concepts and this awareness to other people, both in individual and group experiences


Presentation of a dissertation, which will include

  • The reports of the practice pursued independently by the Candidate
  • The reports of the practice of teaching to individuals or groups conducted by the Candidate
  • A research on a topic related to the program to be agreed with the Teacher and the Tutor
  • Discussion of the thesis in an Evaluation Committee
  • Practical test of teaching a Zen-Stretching® class – the presence of the Evaluation Committee


In any case, you will have access to the training course as FZS only after attending a regular basic course of Zen-Stretching® , either intensive or on weekly basis. The candidate who intends to enroll in the training Program may request the information on the procedures and the application forms in the Secretary.




The total tuition of the training amounts to € 1.650 (including the tuition fee for the basic seminar) to be paid in 2 installments with payment to Circolo Arci Il Vaso di Pandora, owner of the brand and organizer of the training.

Alternatively, the candidate may pay each participation in the stages of the pathway with the following price list:

  • Basic Seminar (12-24 hours). Recommended price: not less than 220 €
  • Second level (15 hours): 450 €
  • Third level (18 hours): 650 €
  • Tutorials: 60 (at least 4 mandatory) = 240 €
  • Final exam and thesis defense: 150 €

The runtime of the Program is determined in relation to the work to be performed and the time of subjective learning, and will then be evaluated each time by mutual agreement, but according the final evaluation of the Responsible Manager . At the end of the Training Course there will be an exam with theoretical and practical aspects, depending on which the Manager will grant a certificate of participation and will deliver the certificate of the training Program that witnesses the qualification as a Zen-Stretching® Facilitator . This qualification allows the facilitator to use the Zen-Stretching® trademark under the conditions established in the contract that is renewed annually.