What is Zen-Stretching®

The Zen-Stretching® is a type of soft exercise based on stretching and toning up the muscle chains along the course of the energetic meridians . Each one of us needs to perform different exercises, according to her/his condition at any moment. Toning up and sedation are decided based on our feeling while we perform the basic exercises serie: a kind of test to evaluate how we feel right here and now and what we need right now.

It is a gradual expansion of the self knowledge, through a research of the movement and a sensitization on the meridians. The task proposed in the Zen-Stretching® is composed by various series of stretching and toning up exercises for the muscles. Every exercise is devised to stimulate in different ways, according to the individual need, the vital energy flow that runs in the body, through each single meridian, or « yin-yang » pair of meridians. The choice of the exercises that most fit the subjective condition of each person is made with the help of the Facilitator, by educating your own sensitiveness towards yourself and your own body and towards your answers to the stimulations received.

Thus an extremely individualized work results, and this enhances the self listening ability and, in the end, improves the general psychophysical condition. Both the amateurs that meet for the first time the eastern concepts of movement and health, and the people who already started to practice any type of exerxise inspired by this idea or practising shiatsu can benefit from the Zen-Stretching activity: the latter, in particular, find it very useful in order to learn how to recognize on themselves the lines of the energetic meridians, before understanding the same on other people.

Years of Shiatsu practice with people of all ages and conditions have taught us the great importance and value of being able to involve those who are undergoing treatments in the path that, starting from any initial conditions of discomfort, leads them to appreciate an increasing fluidity in movement and rediscover the pleasure of a renewed wellbeing , the opportunity to develop their full potential. For this reason the opportunity to offer our customers a method of training very easy to learn and very useful was essential to the process of improving the general condition and the recovery of well-being and effectiveness to support and continue the action of the Shiatsu sessions they get from a practitioner.